General questions
We have no direct affiliation with Valve or the Steam platform.
ExpandGames is a website where you can get free games everyday, giveaways posted are not ours but we let you know when they appear in the shortest time so you can take your key before all be taken.
That gold badge indicate one of the following things:

1. That giveaway has 50.000+ keys

2. It's an exclusive giveaway only on our site gathers information about giveaways that have instant wins (gamekeys) and publish on our site
You were too late to get the gamekey and they ran out of them, try again next time.
We aren’t bots who auto-check every second, just wait a little bit and we will change it.
If you allowed our notification system then you must get a notification everytime when we have a new free game
About EG Gems
EG Gem is the new currency on ExpandGames which you can use to purchase games from our shop.
Below you have a list of how you can make gems and how many gems you can get for a task.
  • Logging in everyday = 3 gems everyday.
  • Submiting a new giveaway which has not been posted yet = 10 gems (you can do this from dashboard).
  • Submiting a new deal which has not been posted yet = 5 gems (you can do this from dashboard).
  • Reporting an expired giveaway or deal = 10 gems.
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You can reach this in just a few weeks using our site.


If you want to be first who gets a free game until all keys are gone then please subscribe to our notifications. You will get a notification everytime when a new free game is posted on our website.

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